Monday, April 30, 2012

Back in Business

Well, computers now fall into the same category that VCR's did in the past- it's cheaper to replace one than to fix it.  So, gone are our American Express gift cards that we've received the past two Christmas's and here I sit with a new(er) computer.  I'm sure it's become outdated as I type...

Now that I have the instrument to finally communicate again, I struggle to find any time to post or some days, even pop the hatch on this baby.  Guess I'll slowly work my way back to finding my voice again by just posting some cuteness from pictures taken during my web hiatus.

Travis was home, and his best friend from school was also home for Easter, so the kids got together to ham it up for me.  Need your tickets to the GunShow???

Quinn got to experience the thrill of hunting for her Easter basket,  shove down some candy before breakfast, and spend the day on a intense jelly bean induced sugar high.

All dresssed up for church on Easter Sunday.

AJ and Quinn called each other and said "You wear your pink and white flower dress, and I'll wear mine!"

So glad to be connected again!

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