Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Camille

Guess who finally hit double digits?

Miss Camille turned 10 on the 22nd.  So Dad and I took her out to her favorite place to eat-  "Camilles Cafe", of course.

Then we took her shopping for a few gifts.  She had already gotten the new basketball she wanted, but sometimes it's fun to go pick out a few treats, compliments of Mom and Dad.

And ended the day with take out Chinese for supper and Ice Cream Sundaes. (Grandma Lee had already brought her cupcakes the day before, along with all sorts of fun presents perfect for a 10 yr old.) 

And the next day, she had her friend Dietrich over for a whole afternoon of outside play and NO SCHOOL!  She said that was her favorite part of having her birthday :-)

Happy Birthday, Miss Camille!

Love Mom and Dad xxoo

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