Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day of Rest

The kids are often challenging us in regards to Sunday, the Day of Rest.  We don't rest.

Because we are busy working during the week, and evenings are often filled with kid events, our weekend work projects often carry over into Sunday.  And with moving the house and all the projects associated with that, this is more often the norm than the exception.

So this past Sunday, after going to church and teaching Sunday School, followed by feeding the brood and doing the farm chores (okay....I'm tired ALREADY!) we headed into the Community Center for a little Family Fun Time.

After a torrid 3 on 3 game, which ended in "a tie", we all headed home for little one's naps and some down time for us old folks.

So............I thought it was a day of rest? 

Maybe next weekend we will all take naps! :-)

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