Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend~

3 day weekends are always super busy- trying to fit in the "to do" lists with some family time and fun, and it never seems to all get done!

We included an out of town football game, working the Food Bank, attended the LifeLight concert 2 nights in a row, worked on tearing out woodwork and kitchen counters at the old house, cleaned our Parish Hall in preparation for Sunday School beginning, attended church, and indulged in our guilty pleasure- watching several episodes of The Office!

Stuff hauled out from Loren's parents' attic- what is up with the stuffed raccoon?!

"I look good even when I'm working!"

We worked on removing the kitchen counters and cupboards from the old house, to be used in our mudroom once we move over there.  Loren continues to find neat and strange items as we go through the storage closets and attic, so that keeps it interesting!  We've resorted to chucking wood out the upstairs window, just to save time from hauling it through the house. (Notice the open window upstairs?!)

As busy as we could've been, we did manage to get to 2 evenings of Lifelight and it was INCREDIBLE!!  Every year, they just seem to get better and better.  There is something so amazing to be sitting in a crowd of thousands of people (actually over 300,000 attended this year), listening to wonderful Christian music and learning so much from inspiring speakers.  Don Piper, the minister that wrote "19 minutes in Heaven" was a speaker, whom I had heard before, and Alan Greene, the coordinator of Lifelight, is always inspirational to listen to.

  It gives me so much hope in the future when I see so many young people there, hearing the Message.  The performers were some that we really enjoy listening to on the radio- Sanctus Real, 10th Avenue North, Britta Nicole and Jeremy Camp.  Can't wait to go again next year!

And after cleaning the Parish and working on the house, we stopped at our friends, the Wirths, for a quick visit, and ended up helping them with chores!

Then my cousin, Jamie  and his family, my aunt Gayle, and my Mom came over that afternoon and surprised us with a washing machine they had gotten at an auction- how cool is that!?  We're going to be doing laundry in style now :-)  

All in all, a super busy, productive, and wonderful Labor Day Weekend~

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