Friday, September 2, 2011

Bri came up with a new strategy for getting what she wants....

How pitiful is that?!  She figures that if she uses the cute puppy face to her advantage, we can't say no.

She may just be onto something!

Yesterday, the girls and their friend, Moyra, took their 4H chickens to our local nursing home for their Chicken Week.  (Did you know it's National Chicken Month?  Well, their Activities Director did!)

Bri standing on the Bingo Card, telling about her Belgian Quail

Camille letting residents pet her Silkie.
They gave their 4H Showmanship presentations to explain all about their chickens, then answered questions.  Then the chickens were put into an enlarged Bingo card on the ground, and each nursing home resident that attended was allowed to pick a number on the Bingo card.  We then waited for the chickens to see which number they would "poop" on, and the person that picked it was the winner!

 The comments from the residents were so funny!!  Many of them had grown up on a farm and they shared alot of memories they had from raising or butchering chickens and ducks.  It was a good day, and I'm sure the residents will be talking about chickens all week! 

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