Friday, July 19, 2013

Just do it~

This is the view I have each morning- isn't it beautiful?  Back in May, I began running again so that I could get back into a healthier lifestyle, and it's jumpstarted my transformation from frumpy to fit.  I don't run far- only 1.5 miles, but it's enough to get my blood pumping and has helped me lose 6 lbs so far this summer.

I also included what I call my Toner program, which I try to do every day as well.  It consists of various exercises that I researched that focus on abs, arms, legs, and butt muscle groups so that I can firm up as well as lose weight.  Usually by the time I get done I'm pretty worn out, so I'm hoping that it's working!

One of the on-line adoptive moms that I've connected with put together a work-out support group of other moms, and we've been able to communicate via a Facebook group set up just for us.  We've shared weight loss ideas, offered work out challenges, and provided a supportive fellowship of women that has really helped me to keep my momentum going.

To keep me running, I went and purchased a new pair of tennis shoes for running.  Two reasons-The first is I only had one old chore pair that wouldn't have lasted long once I started running. (And they were stinky :-(  )  The second reason is that I'm so stinking frugal that I knew if I spent money on shoes that I would MAKE myself go out to run just so I wouldn't feel as if I had wasted that shoe money!

My goal is to lose 12 lbs by the end of the summer, so I'm half way there!  Besides, I'm a 52 yr old mother with a 3 yo and 4 yo, so I've got to stay in shape so that I can keep up with them!

Wish me luck!!

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