Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Update

Spring continues to be elusive here in South Dakota.  Last week we had 3 no-school days while thousands of people were out of power due to an ice storm that hit that week. Roads were treacherous but our ever-faithful linemen were out keeping us all connected and warm by fixing downed lines.

It looks so serene, but there's solid ice under that snow.

Even though we can't get into the gardens yet, there are still plenty of projects that need to be done indoors.  In fact, our Honey-do project list never seems to get any shorter....hmm?
Not to worry- we can get some much-needed projects done inside where it's warm, while we wait for spring to show up.

Here is what we are working on...
  • Finished reading the Bible, cover to cover. This was one of my New Years goals that I set and I'm so glad that I did it.  It took me 3 months and 2 weeks, but it was a good experience to do it all in one stretch, instead of piecing it together as I have done for years.
  • Working on my next quilt- it's to be a pinwheel done with retro fabrics, that I have been collecting for years.  Can't wait to see how this looks on our bed! (I'm not very far yet)

  • We're finishing the texturing and painting of our mudroom to make it ready for all the canning we plan on doing in there this summer.  Once the walls are done, we will begin work on the cubbies along the north wall to hold chore coats and overalls, boots, and gloves.  I am thrilled to have a place to store all of the grubby farm clothes and keep the mud and SMELL out in the mudroom far away from the kitchen.
Almost done texturing!!!  See my recycling bins in the lower left corner?  I'm so proud :-)

A work in progress~
  • My last indoor project is the on-going Decluttering schedule that I'm following to reduce the stuff in our home.  I am currently doing the May calendar and hope to complete that within 2 weeks.  The 15-20 minutes per day assignments really make a difference and I'm all for reducing the clutter in our house. Here is the link if you want to declutter too~
I'd like to say that I'm using all of the "stuck inside" time productively, but I have to confess to recently watching the entire Harry Potter series on DVD, and I've kept up fairly well reading my favorite blogs.  A girl's gotta have some down time too, right?
So how are YOUR winter projects progressing?


  1. Hello Michelle! Yes, we do have a lot in common! I have a cousin in South Dakota as well, and more relatives in North Dakota! So, do you have six kids, plus more foster kids? Your little one from China is a doll! My little girl from China is six now, and such a sweet blessed! We also have tons of ongoing projects, and I don't know how you can with so many kids, I have not been able to find time, but my DH gardens so I think I better start canning a lot...he would appreciate it! Blessings to you!

    1. How nice to hear from you- you live in Washington state, don't you? We lived there in Lacey for awhile, near Olympia. (Hubby was in the service and at Fort Lewis) Beautiful country out there- we went back for our 10 yr anniversary to hike on Mt Rainier and do some orca whale watching.
      Our daughter Quinn is also a sweet spirit, which surprised me because I was expecting "institutional" behaviors, and she has never had them- attached to us right away. On the other hand, our adopted daughter from fostercare has TONS of behaviors, diagnosed RAD, ADHD, and FAE, so it goes to show you that we can't predict how a child will do just because they begin life in an orphanage.
      We have 8 children total- 3 boys are grown up and one daughter who was killed at age 11, 4 still at home (ages 15, 12, 11, and 3- the youngest two are adopted) and 2 long term foster children, ages 14 and 4. They have 2 brothers, ages 7 and 9, and we are waiting on an upcoming termination hearing. Once we know they are all free to adopt, we will decide (if not sooner) whether we will take all 4 children. I don't like the idea at all of breaking up families, so I'm pushing for keeping them all together. I think my DH is just kinda overwhelmed at taking on all 4 at once! It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

      Good for you for considering canning- it's such a lifesaver for us. I spend alot of full days during the summer canning, but then we enjoy it all year and it does save money and is so much healthier than "store canned goods", so bravo to you for that! If you decide to attempt speghetti sauce I will email you my recipe- it's the best according to our kids, and it's such a fast and easy meal to fix.

      So nice to visit with another foster/stay at home/gardening/adopting mom :-)